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Mipro Wireless Microphone Systems

UHF receiver


Single channel UHF receiver for the ACT30H and ACT30T transmitters. Features the Mipro Auto-scan and ACT technology with 961 possible operating frequencies. Can be rack mounted using the FB71 kit. Selectable line or mic level output with XLR and 1/4" jack connections.

Mipro receiver


Two channels of the ACT311 in one chassis.

radio mic


Cardioid pattern dynamic hand held microphone transmitter for ACT311 or ACT312 receivers. Very sturdy construction. Long operating life on 2x AA batteries.

body pack mic


Minature body pack transmitter for ACT311 and ACT312 receivers supplied with MU53S tie clip (lapel) microphone. Uses 2x AA batteries.

wireless gooseneck


Premium 470mm goose neck microphone for use with the ACT30T belt pack transmitter on lecturns. Shock isolation mount design minimizes handling and vibration noise.

headset mic


Premium water resistant head set microphone to work with ACT30T body pack transmitter. Suitable for aerobics work, foam wind shield included.

rack kit


If you wish to mount the ACT311/312 receivers into a rack or flight case, purchase this kit of brackets and fixings. Aerials can be mounted to the front using the FBC-71 cable kit.

rack kit


If you wish to mount the ACT311/312 aerials onto the FB-71 brackets, purchase this cable kit.

Chiayo Radio Mic Sets

handheld radio mic

SDR Handheld

Set includes the Chiayo SQ6100 hand held microphone and the SDR5100 single channel receiver. The receiver has mic and line outputs on XLR and 1/4" jack. 100 different frequencies can be selected to find an interference free channel. Perfect for corporate, conference venues, churches and school use.

lapel mic

SDR Lapel

Set includes the SM6100 body pack transmitter with lapel mic and the SDR5100 single channel receiver. The receiver has mic and line outputs on XLR and 1/4" jack. Ideal for stage productions, schools, corporate, rental, conference venues. The Mipro MU55HN head set mic above can also be used with the SM6100 belt pack.

Wireless Mic Accessories

mic stand


Folding mic stand with boom arm and clip for hand held wireless mic's.

large mic clip


Large rubber microphone clip that suits hand held radio mics, with insert.

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