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Public Address Amplifers & Mixers

12v audio amp

Australian Monitor IC-30

A simple and reliable 30 watt mono mixer amplifier with a 100V/70V output (for multiple loudspeaker installs) or low impedance 4 ohm output. There are 3 mic or line inputs with a volume control for each and overall bass & treble. This amplifier can run on 12V dc (car battery) making it suitable for remote locations or in vehicles.

Download the IC30 user manual

If you are looking for a "do-it-yourself" sound system but do not know what to purchase, contact us and we will put a system together for you.

public address amp

TOA A-2000 Series

The A-2000 range of mono amplifiers offer great perforance at reasonable cost. They are suited for paging or background music in clubs, schools, shops, factories, Churches and large rooms. All amplifiers feature 2 line inputs and 3 mic inputs with a DIN connection for the TOA PM-600D paging mic. Speaker outputs are 100V/70V line for distributed speaker systems only.

A-2030D 30 Watts $439

A-2060D 60 Watts $499

A-2120D 120 Watts $639

Download the Toa A2000 series brochure

paging microphone


A desk top paging microphone with DIN plug connection to suit the TOA A2000 series amplifiers above. Features a large "push to talk" switch and lock lever. Its robust anti-vibration construction and balanced output render the microphone resistive to noise.

mobile amplifier

TOA Mobile Amplifiers

These amplifiers are specifically designed for use in vehicles and run on 12V dc. There are 2 microphone inputs with volume controls and 1 aux line line input. The microphone with push to talk switch as shown is included. There are 3 models available with different power outputs all with the same physical dimensions.

CA-115 15 Watts $189

CA-130 30 Watts $199

CA-160 60 Watts $269

Download the Toa mobile amplifier specification sheet

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